Personalised Hand Painted Large Dog/Cat/Animal Bowl


“If a dogs prayers were answered, bones would rain from the sky” – an old proverb

What a lovely thought, how about putting those bones in one of these quirky dog/animal bowls, they come in four sizes and are made of Italian Bisque, have them customised with your animals name or give as a gift to another animal lover. Please see other pictures for other sizes.
The large Bowl is shown here and its very big, I use it as a water bowl for “Alfie” but use a mediium one for his food, he’s a large Labrador..

Dishwasher and food safe and measures approx 25cm x 8 cm high

All of the bowls are made of Italian Bisque which makes them heavy, perfect for not moving around when eating..

Please contact me to discuss any personalisation, colour etc.

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